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WWII Tours by Alpventures - Your Guide for World War II Tours to Europe

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Since 1997, Alpventures® has continued to offer the very best Guided Tours to World War II sites throughout Europe and Russia...

Alpventures® World War II Tours are fantastic opportunities for learning more about this tragic event in world history; enjoyable for non-history buffs, amateur Historians, and Educators alike. Our Mission is your Safety, Comfort and Enjoyment on our Tours. Alpventures® Tour Company was founded in 1997 by American, Tony Cisneros. Referred to by many as a "Walking Encyclopedia" and the "Human History Channel", Alpventures® Owner, Tony Cisneros, has been guiding groups throughout Europe for over 20 years. In 1994, before he started the company, Tony had established himself as a leading local Historian and Tour Guide in Bavaria, Germany. Tony was the official Tour Guide at the infamous Eagle's Nest near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria for three years and during that time he conducted historical Tours in both English and German. He had the honor of conducting VIP Tours for many well-known clients including the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), SKY Network, U.S. State Senators, Senior Army Officials, Young Presidents Organization, and the United States Military Academy at West Point. Tony has safely and successfully guided hundreds of Tour groups to various countries throughout Europe and Russia, and in doing so he has earned an impeccable reputation as a highly knowledgeable Tour Guide and Travel Professional. Tony has been featured in broadcast media / television such as NBC, SkyNews, Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss TV), and Travel Channel; and he has been interviewed by Journalists worldwide and has appeared in various publications, including The New York Times, Stars and Stripes, and The San Jose Mercury. When he is not leading a Tour group, Tony resides at his home near Portland, Oregon.

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Explore Alpventures® World War II History Tours

Join our Small Groups on a Guided Tour to the World War II Battlefields of Europe and Russia and experience an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime, historical adventure!

Go beyond the World War II Battlefields of Europe and Russia with America's most knowledgeable Tour Guide! Our superior accommodations are all extraordinary First-Class Hotels; some of which are even medieval castles, chateaux, and listed historical monuments. Our top priorities are your Safety, Comfort, and Enjoyment on Tour. Our World War II Tours are the result of over 20 years of historical research and first-hand, local guiding experience, making them especially unique. For questions, comments and feedback - feel free to Contact Us

5 Reasons to Choose Us

• Save More Money - Alpventures® World War II Tours cost up to $2,000 less than other Tours - and they do not provide even half of what we deliver! Why would you pay more for less?

• See More Sites - Our Tour Groups are kept small (8 - 25 people) traveling fast and light in a comfortable van or small bus through Europe - versus you sitting on a large, crowded, slow moving bus with 40+ strangers. This advantage is evident right away when we're off to our next destination and you see other Tour Groups still waiting in line for the bathroom...

• Get Better Service - Alpventures® Owner, Tony Cisneros is with you all the way, from day one to the very end. With other groups you often have a different Tour Guide at each stop. Some of our competitors even claim to be "American" companies, but are based and operating from countries in Eastern Europe. Wouldn't you prefer to travel with a professional, American Tour Guide with 25 years of local guiding experience?

• Learn More History - Alpventures® Owner, Operator, and Guide (Tony Cisneros) has 25 years of experience guiding WWII Tours in Europe; nearly two decades of experience living in Europe, and he speaks fluent German. His comprehensive knowledge of WWII sites across Europe and customer service excellence is unparalleled...

• Experience the Best - This all creates an unforgettable trip. Simply put, we care more! Make the right choice with Alpventures®, and we'll give you the experience-of-a-lifetime on your exciting World War II Tour to Europe.

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