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Introducing "The Bunker Boys Show" with your Host, Tony Cisneros

Watch The Bunker Boys Show - the World's first World War II Talk Show! Our team of World War II Experts who work on the battlefield are bringing our knowledge and experience to you in a "late-night" talk show format - The Bunker Boys Show is Hosted by Tony Cisneros (USA); with Co-Host, Reg Jans (BELGIUM), and regular Series Guests, Paul Woodadge (NORMANDY), Roland Gaul (LUXEMBOURG), and David Harper (BAVARIA). Watch full episodes of the show air every other Wednesday, at

Series Trailer #1

Series Trailer #2

Series Trailer #3

S1E1 - Hold Tight

S1E2 - Angels of Mercy

Bonus Episode - Day of Days

S1E3 - Moving On

S1E4 - No Better Place to Dye

S1E5 - Into the Devil's Den

S1E6 - Blood, Steel, Ice and Fire

S1E7 - Mirror Caught the Sun

S1E8 - Hitler's Silent Eagles

S1E9 - On Schindler's List

S1E10 - Hidden in Plain Sight




Season 2 will premier on Wednesday, December 16, 2020. Subscribe and watch at