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The Bunker Boys Show

Introducing 'The Bunker Boys Show' - the world's first World War II Talk Show!

Meet our team of World War II Experts who work on the battlefield; bringing our knowledge and experience to you in a "late-night" talk show format. Watch our series trailers and full episodes of Seasons 1 and 2 below.

We are close to completing the second season of The Bunker Boys Show (we are currently finishing production on the last two episodes of Season Two). The show is hosted by Tony Cisneros (Alpventures World War II Tours) and Reg Jans (Battlefield Experience), show episodes include our regular series guests, Paul Woodadge (WW2TV), Roland Gaul (Gaul's Legacy Tours) and David Harper (Eagles Nest Tours). Watch full episodes, find out more, support our show, and go behind-the-scenes of The Bunker Boys Show at


(S2E1) Stalkers of the Sky

(S2E2) Living on the Bones

(S2E3) The War of the Rats

(S2E4) Lacey's Bomber Station

(S2E5) The Lacey Lady Legacy

(S2E6) D-Day Misconceptions

(S2E7) Lions in the Way

(S2E8) The Forgotten in Italy

A Man's Greater Destiny


(S1E1) Hold Tight

(S1E2) Angels of Mercy

(S1E3) Moving On

Bonus Episode - Day of Days

(S1E4) No Better Place to Dye

(S1E5) Into the Devil's Den

(S1E6) Blood, Steel, Ice & Fire

(S1E7) Mirror Caught the Sun

(S1E8) Hitler's Silent Eagles

(S1E9) On Schindler's List

(S1E10) Hidden in Plain Sight