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Introducing Canada Goes To War Tour

Our new "Canada Goes To War Tour" is coming soon - We are working with Heather's Incomparable Journeys (Ontario, Canada) on an epic journey following in the footsteps of the Canadian Military in both World Wars across Europe. This exclusive Group Tour focuses on historical and cultural sites in France, Belgium and Germany. You will have the opportunity to honor the thousands of brave Canadians where they sacrificed their lives for peace, justice and our future.

The first half of our historical journey takes us to the Canadian Battlefields of France and Belgium; where we will hear the fascinating stories of courage and determination from Juno Beach all the way to the Scheldt Estuary on the Dutch border. The second half of our adventure explores the political situation throughout Germany; including the tragic events and circumstances that led the country to war in both 1914 and 1939. You will also enjoy the best scenic and cultural features Europe has to offer - whether it is medieval architecture, traditional cuisine, art or amazing scenery - join our Canada Goes To War Tour for an incredible experience.

We still have a few more spots remaining on our inaugural "Canada Goes To War Tour" - get more information and view Tour photos at our website,

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