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Ruins of the Third Reich Tour returning in 2019

Our Ruins of the Third Reich Tour has always been popular. Since we have offered this trip for over 15 years, we have tweaked and perfected it to include some amazing sites. Where else can you visit both Nordhausen and Peenemünee on the same Tour? We overnight in a former Third Reich castle on the very first night, and even stay at Hermann Goering's "Carinhall" Guest House north of Berlin! But like all of our World War II Tours; Ruins of the Third Reich is not limited to just the History - enjoy some beautiful scenery, great food and fun company. We are bringing the Tour back in 2019 after a two-year hiatus.

Be on the watch for some new additions to our Ruins of the Third Reich Tour - we are always looking to improve our trips and this will be no exception. That said, this is truly an excellent historical adventure for any History Buff. Learn all about the technological and ideological aspects of Hitler's Nazi Germany. Visit FHQ "Adlerhorst" in the Taunus Mountains, Wewelsburg Castle, Nordhausen, the German Tank Museum in Munster, Hamburg, Kiel, Peenemuende, Carinhall and Berlin, Germany on this one-of-a-kind historical World War II Tour. For more information and details, and to book our Ruins of the Third Reich Tour, please visit our website at or contact us at or by phone, toll-free at (888) 991-6718.

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